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In March 2010 I moved my money making, healthy horse from Florida to Michigan and boarded him at Red Creek Stable. I was paying for full board which means they supply the feed, hay, turn my horse out to pasture and clean his stall.

My horse stopped eating and socializing with the herd so I asked the owner to leave him in his stall so that I could look him over. The owner greeted me in the morning in his stall and told me that I was over reacting, not to be concerned, she had been in the business 20 plus yrs and that it was the heat that was causing him not to eat. Her smug know it all comments pissed me off, my horse was from Florida, Hello...heat pit)I got upset and just walked away.

The next morning about 6:30 am she called and said, "I recommend you call the vet and hung up." Turns out my horse had Potomac Fever, which is spread by over grazed pastures with lakes that have snails, the snails travel through the grass and leave slime that makes horses ill. The vet said I waited to long to call and that my horses prognosis did not look good and she recommended sending him to a clinic where he could get continuous round the clock care, but that he could die anyways.

Not once, not once while my horse was at the clinic did the owner of Red Creek Stables call me and ask how my horse was doing or offer to give me hay or feed whom she supplied in my boarding agreement with her. I stopped by Red Creek Stables to pick up some feed and told another fellow boarder how disgusted I was with Red Creek Stables "Lack of Professionalism"

I finally got the news my horse would live and he could be taken home.

I was on my way with horse trailer in tow to pick up my horse and the owner of Red Creek Stables called me to tell me I was evicted and to come get my saddle, brushes etc..I told her I was on my way to pick my horse up and that I would come get my stuff later and she said, No! the barn closes at 9pm period!" So there I was with a 1200 lb animal with no place to keep him. Truly this lady is a ***!

I waited 6 months later and sent her a letter requesting she help pay the 2,000 dollar vet bill and the eviction was unprofessional. She responded with letter from an attorney that obviously she lied to, stating that me riding the horse in 92 degree weather made my horse sick, and that she would sue me for defamation of character and harassment if I ever contacted her again. And she said I willingly moved my horse, that I was not evictted.

Well Candy of Red Creek Stables this is for you ***! The check clearly stated eviction on it and my horse was from is common in Florida to ride horses in the HEAT! You seriously need to have your place shut down as Strangles and Potomac Fever are endemic on your property and you should of told me that before I moved my horse to your facility so that I could of had booster shots against these diseases. I still travel with my horse and meet a lot of people and I will tell everybody about your "Lack of Professionalism" and if you don't like it than you can sue me ***!

Review about: Animal Transportation.



Also, I'm happy to hear that your horse recovered!


Hi, is there any way of contacting the people who left comments here?My wife is interested in a horse for sale on the property.

Should there be concern?I know this original post was from a couple of years ago, but could things have improved since then?

Thanks, hoping someone can help me out!


I had my horse at Red Creek for a long time, and left in 2009.When I was first there it was great, but it really deteriorated by the time I left: fencing (sections drooping or coming down), pasture conditions (over grazed - not replanted), care (stalls left dirty - water in stalls dirty), and horse safety (pile of scrap wood with nails in it in a pasture).

I'm so sorry for you and your horse.Glad he made it.

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